Exclusive Resorts

The season of ultimate, pampered escapes is upon us as we’re in the middle of Spring and Summer 2015 fast approaches. Time to have those luxury (or near luxury) travel packages booked. But before you book the resort of your dreams at a great destination, have you considered some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world? Probably not, but in case you were curious, here are a few, courtesy of Destination Luxury

Luxury Hotels Worldwide

The Apartment at the Hotel Connaught in London | $23,500 a night


The Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Oriental in Shanghai | about $26,450 a night

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The Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens | $35,000 a night


The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation at the Laucala Island Resort in Fiji | $40,000 a night


The Sky Villa at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas | $40,000 a night


The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland | about $68,000 US depending on the exchange rate

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When you want to travel to Maldives you probaby need to have some rich grandpa, or aunt, or you really made lot of money and just want to relax in some beautiful place where you can hide yourself from everyone and everything. Perfect solution for you is, Maldives. Peaceful and stunning luxury apartments at $10,000 per day, 800 square meters of beach space just for you.


Santorini Special Deals on www.Prestigia.com !

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