As women buy more luxury purses, they need to complement such purchases with the right luxury beauty items. What good is it if, when you plunk down $4,000 on a purse, you only spend $5 on lipstick at the local supermarket? (tsk, tsk, ladies).

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320x50 General

Photography: Cyril Lagel Make-Up: Corinne Lebreton (B4 Agency) Hair: Richard Blandel (B4 Agency)

You’ve smothered your skin with makeup, plucked your eyebrows to perfection and crafted the finest couture imaginable – and your looks still aren’t up to scratch. It’s time to move onto stronger methods. If cosmetics aren’t doing the trick, why not give a few of these tremendous tips a go?

Get Natural

You might associate natural goods with your hippy-dippy mates who smother themselves with shea bitter and make peace signs like it was the 70s. But they’ve got much more value than that. Unlike high street bargain hygiene products, the natural stuff isn’t filled with harmful chemicals and mixtures that will harm your skin in the long run.

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Your beauty products and accessories should match the level of the car you’re driving in, including the inside of this 2015 Bentley.


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