Q&A: Microsoft chairman’s fab life | Business Insider

John Thompson chairman of Microsoft

John Thompson is nothing short of a Silicon Valley icon. These days, he’s best known for his role as chairman of Microsoft which he took on a year ago, when Satya Nadella became CEO.

He’ll also forever be known as the former CEO of Symantec, leading that company for a decade from about $600 million in revenue to about $6 billion when he retired in 2009, and becoming one of the most highly paid CEOs along the way. (In 2006, Thompson’s total compensation was $71.84 million.) And that was after a storied 28-year career with IBM

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Look at how quickly the values of multi-billion-dollar startups have multiplied | The Verge

Once upon a time in Silicon Valley, a billion dollars was a big deal. These days, companies can catch multi-billion-dollar valuations on the fly. Take, for instance, the big numbers bandied about this week. Investors are waving term sheets at Snapchat for $500 million in financing under the assumption that the app is worth $19 billion. Pinterest is also in the process of raising $500 million, but at a more modest $11 billion valuation. “Facing overwhelming demand” from investors, Uber agreed to accept an additional billion dollars in financing, just a few weeks after the e-hailing app closed a $1.2 billion funding round that valued the company at $40 billion.

Fortune and The Wall Street Journal have both illustrated the growing number of startups that investors think are worth $1 billion. (Companies that have crossed that threshold are called “unicorns.” It’s a term used mainly by insiders, but it helps illustrate this age of magical thinking.) To put the recent fervor in perspective, it also helps to see how rapidly these multi-billion-dollar valuations have multiplied…

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Carnival CEO steers cruise giant in new directions | USAToday

Arnold Donald remembers taking his first cruise back in the 1970s.He and his wife, Hazel, sailed the Caribbean on the SS Norway, Rita Moreno was the featured entertainer, and magician Harry Blackstone Jr. spotted Donald in the audience and called him up on the stage to be a part of his act.”That’s how I started,” Donald, 60, says of that inaugural voyage. “I was first, a guest.”Now, from a corporate standpoint, Donald is captain of the ship. The former chairman of Merisant, and top executive with the agricultural firm Monsanto, became president and CEO of Carnival Corp. in July 2013. He became steward of the world’s biggest cruise operator in the wake of several high-profile incidents, including a deadly wreck and an idled ship that sullied the image of cruising.

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Meet Nigeria’s N1Billion Blogger, Linda Ikeji | Ventures Africa

Ventures Africa | Meet Nigeria’s N1Billion Blogger

VENTURES AFRICA – When Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006, she never envisioned the amount of success it would become, neither had she the slightest hint that she will become a role model entrepreneur to a teaming amount of unemployed Nigerian youths. “I started blogging out of passion. Something I never thought I could make money from.” Linda has over the years, managed to carve a niche for herself as a blogger extraordinaire, and also enlightened Nigerians to the business of blogging. What started as a hobby for her is today valued to be worth N1.1Billion (about US$5.5 million).

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The Cruiseline That Started on Instagram | Condé Nast Traveler


Who says sailing has to be stuffy? David Amsden joins the Sailing Collective, a Brooklyn-based outfitter fueled by youthful bonhomie.

A band of upstart sea captains are overturning old ideas about sailing with unfussy trips for busy young urbanites. David Amsden climbs aboard, becomes fast friends with a group of strangers, and learns to go where the wind takes him.

“Welcome to a new world.”

This was our captain, Dayyan Armstrong, speaking as he gestured to the 54-foot sailboat on which I, along with seven others, would be touring the British Virgin Islands for the next five days. We were at the Mariner Inn and Marina, in Road Town, the closest thing the island of Tortola has to a city, gathered on the vessel’s whitewashed deck for a pre-departure tutorial.

As the founder of the Sailing Collective—a seafaring travel outfitter composed of ten young captains based primarily in Brooklyn—Armstrong, a stocky and affable 29-year-old, delivers this same address to an increasing number of travelers several times a year on trips throughout the world.

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The Secret Bars of Bangkok | Robb Vices | Robb Report

The Secret Bars of Bangkok | Robb Vices | Robb Report - The Global Luxury Source

Like a clubhouse for grown-ups, Sugar Ray is kick-back cool. It’s effectively concealed behind huge steel doors, through which thirsty adventurers must still trek up a flight of stairs and down a dark hallway. Once they arrive, those patrons will discover a space that serves as an office for Socrates Syrups by day and a bar during the night. Two mixing tables dominate the space: A DJ spins music on several turntables, while bartenders work in what can only be described as a cocktail lab. Insider tip: Don’t miss the chance to double down with the bartenders. Order their choice cocktail and then play a hand of cards against them. You may just win a second drink on the house.

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Inside Director Michael Bay’s High-Style Hollywood Home | Architectural Digest

Inside Director Michael Bay’s High-Style Hollywood Home : Architectural Digest

Feats of architectural derring-do have long had their place in the hills and canyons of Los Angeles, where gravity-defying midcentury landmarks such as John Lautner’s Sheats-Goldstein residence and Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House test the structural and aesthetic limits of cliffside living. New to that esteemed lineage is the recently completed home of Michael Bay, a filmmaker known for action-packed big-budget blockbusters like the Transformers series, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor. From such a maestro of spectacular effects one might expect a place with more than just a hint of drama. It does not disappoint. “Everyone involved in the project said this was the toughest thing they’ve ever built,” says Bay, who likens the four-year process to the production of an epic movie, with himself, naturally, in the director’s chair. Given the extraordinary team he assembled—a cast of thousands, as it were, fit for a Cecil B. DeMille showstopper—the metaphor is perfectly apt. Miami architect Chad Oppenheim came up with the original concept for the 30,000-square-foot, three-story dwelling, modeling its sculptural massing of rectilinear forms and astonishing cantilevers after an unrealized pro­­posal he had for a group of Caribbean villas.

Inside Director Michael Bay’s High-Style Hollywood Home : Architectural Digest

Inside Director Michael Bay’s High-Style Hollywood Home : Architectural Digest

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Stunning South Beach Boutique Hotel, the Mondrian | Secret Escapes

Soak up ample doses of style, sun and sand at this stunning South Beach boutique hotel

Every inch of the sun-soaked Mondrian South Beach has been designed with fantastical whimsy and sleek, contemporary style in mind. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this boutique gem was plucked from a fairytale. This dreamy retreat was conceived by famed Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, whose vision was to create Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, where guests can escape into a magical world, complete with kissing gardens, shimmering chandeliers at every corner and oodles of decadence.